The DecoNetworks Team

Don Slesnick III
Principal & Senior Technologist
Strategic Planning / Management Specialist

Adam Zwibelman
Senior Technologist / Microsoft Specialist

Daryl Altenhof
Senior Technologist / Apple Specialist

Executive Advisory Council

Chris Lindseth, Chief Architect
Global Strategy and Development Group
Elizabeth Arden, Inc.

Jeff Gutierrez, Lead Software Engineer
Realtime Immersive

Brooks Weisblat, Vice-President of Technology
Miami Science Museum

Robertson Adams, Web Producer & Communications Assoc.
The Knight Foundation


DecoNetworks is a proud member of The South Florida Digital Alliance;
a not-for-profit committed to providing technologies for all residents of South Floridasfda-logo

As part of our advocacy of the Open Source Community,
DecoNetworks is a proud sponsor of LinuxMint
a fantastic Linux Distribution.